Auto delete older documents

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Auto delete older documents

Hello everybody

For security reasons I need to auto-delete older documents of a specific "Site".

What is the best way to do it? 

I found "scheduled job" documention but I'm not sure to well understand how to use it.

Thanks a lot

My version : Community 5.2.0

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Re: Auto delete older documents


From development point of view you may implement a daily custom scheduled action, that based on the effectivity aspect for example (or a custom date property), deletes the corresponding expired content. You can also develope a custom behaviour or content rule on a site for setting a default expiration date (e.x.: 1 year) when applying the cited aspect. 

You may take a look for this addon, it is more or less the same idea:

GitHub - Conexiam/alfresco-expirable-content: Facilitates flagging content for expiration. Includes ...