Automatically store sent mails

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Automatically store sent mails

We would like to to add sent emails automatically to certain folders. What solution would you suggest?

For example; a mail sent to a customer is also sent in bcc to a certain address. Upon receiving this bcc-address triggers a process that stores the mail and add the contents of this mail (body mail + attachments) into the corresponding smart folder. A specified range of characters in the topic line determines (e.g. 7 characters within brackets) the targeted folder  (example mail header:  To: bcc: Topic: Reaction on proposal BM1999B [BM1999B])  

How can we have Alfresco do this trick?

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Re: Automatically store sent mails

Not exactly what you need, but maybe will help:

You can configure inbound SMTP server (old video but will give you overview). You have to create folders and aliases (e.g. email addresses) to receive e-mails into these folders.

Upon receiving, alfresco will split e-mail into more files ( and you can expect duplicate file name exceptions also, so not quite a 100% working solution out-of-the box.