AWS alfresco log issues

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AWS alfresco log issues


Our alfresco is deployed on Amazon AWS instance as a service. so to start alfresco we are starting below services.

sudo systemctl restart tomcat-alfresco
sudo systemctl restart tomcat-share
sudo systemctl restart tomcat-solr

Now our issue is, whenever we do deployments, logs are removed and created new each time , instead it should append logs. We have not modified any log4j configuration as it is default configuration.

So each time we start services, after sometime I am able to do  tail -f  catalina.out  , as initially it says file not found.

Any specific configuration we need to perform to retain logs ? 

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Re: AWS alfresco log issues

Without knowing how your service units have been setup / defined it is next to impossible to help you. There could be any number of cleanup routines in the service unit.

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Re: AWS alfresco log issues

thanks, by the way I came to know that script contains code to remove that part.