Back up Solr6 Indexes on Alfresco community 6.2.0 from Docker

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Back up Solr6 Indexes on Alfresco community 6.2.0 from Docker

Hi everyone,

Currently running Alfresco Community Edition 6.2.0 on linux 18.04, installed via docker from the official template on the website.

The service is doing fine and working great. However i would like to try a backup and restore in case of disaster, but i can't make it work.

Here is what i did :


I used a bind mount to put the alfresco repository in, automaticly mounted via the docker-compose.yml (alf_data)

--> This seems to work well, no error in indexing or anything. The data are sync on my VM with the container. The original installation has no error.


BACKUP : I did a dumb of my postgresql DB using

docker exec -i containerid pg_dump -c --username alfresco alfresco > /root/backupbackup/dbdumb.sql

Then, i copied the alf_data file of the binded mount to my VM

cp -r /root/mountedbind/alf_data /root/backupbackup/alf_data



I then deleted the container, reinstalled alfresco via the same docker-compose.yml. Worked fine so far, again.

Then i imported the alf_data backup and the postgresql backup with

docker exec -i containerid pg_restore --username alfresco alfresco < /root/backupbackup/dbdumb.sql
sudo rsync /backupbackup/alf_data /mountedbind/alf_data

Result : I can't find any of the file (testing images put into the server) that i had before. I actualy can't put any more file inside the alfresco share.  --> Feels like i did something wrong

Though: I know i'm supposed to backup Solr6 Indexes, but as i'm on the community edition, i don't have the Share Admin console to execute the Solr6 Backup. I tried putting these settings in but i only have errors according to the path.


I can't find any other documentation to help me backing up the Solr6 Indexes on alfresco.


Questions :However, just backing up the alf_data and the DB i should be able to retrieve my files, no ?

If no, how to backup Solr6 Indexes, and am i doing the others backup fine ?


Thanks you for your time,

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Re: Back up Solr6 Indexes on Alfresco community 6.2.0 from Docker

Hi @Rituels ,

If you made your backup online you need to restore the lucene/solr-index from


by just replacing the right (sub)folder from your solr index location

It may be more convenient to use the solr backup/restore api directly since the alfresco solr-backup is just a more or less dump wrapper to call the backup REST api To be able to access that REST API you may need to create/import the repos client certificate for authentication.

We don't rely on alfresco's solr-backup and prefer the solr-api directly to be integrated in our whole backup/restore/monitoring workflow.