Best approach to configure alfresco repository deployed using helm

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Best approach to configure alfresco repository deployed using helm

I currently have Alfresco enterprise version 6.2.2 deployed via Kubernetes. While working with our business and platform teams in IT, we've noticed a few issues:

* File upload API used by our internal application to alfresco was limited to 25mb or less, business requires a larger upload limit

* Audit Access is disabled by default. Security team requires auditing, but there's no menu on the web console to enable and persist this setting.

Based on my understanding from reading the documentation, all of these issues can be addressed via configurations specified in the global configuration file which resides in Alfresco Repository.

However, the challenge is the fact that the Alfresco suite was deployed via Helm into Kubernetes. Since the Pods are ephemeral, adding configurations to the global configuration file has been a challenge. In addition, adding configurations and "restarting the application to apply changes" will not be possible without losing the configurations I've added in the first place.


I have 2 questions:

1) Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but Alfresco has a default upload limit of 4GB for files. Why is it limiting the uplaod API to 25MB or less?

2) What is the best approach to persist configurations in a Kuberentes environment with deployment done using Helm?

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Re: Best approach to configure alfresco repository deployed using helm

@alexwang Yes, can be used. 

1- To increase limit:


There seem to be flash uploader limitations too, i am not fully aware but you can review this thread:

If you are using cmis interface:


 2- Enable basic access audit:

audit.enabled = true

Review this doc for more details and any custom implementations if you need to make:


Since you are using the k8 deployment via HELM, i would suggest you refer this repo:

There are two ways:

1- Update the java_opts with properties

    JAVA_OPTS: "
      -Daudit.enabled = true

2- Use/create the templates to update the properties, see this for reference :

(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)