Best way to start with solr4 sharding

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Best way to start with solr4 sharding


I am totally new to solr sharding, do not know how to start with in actual implementation.

I read alfresco documentation theoretical I understand it but how do I practically start with VM (virtual machine)

Linux node. I didnt get step by step flow from documentation.

What all changes step by step I can implement so I can achieve it easily.

Note: I am using alfresco 5.0

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Re: Best way to start with solr4 sharding

Sharding is only applicable AFAIK from Alfresco 5.1 onwards. Also, I have found the documentation to be pretty straight forward and don't know what step-by-step instructions are missing... I can only think of:

Step 1: Setup SOLR as usual per server you want to use

Step 2: Delete default cores

Step 3: Create shards on SOLR server(s) (as per documentation)

Step 4: (Community Edition only) Register shards via manual configuration