Bootstrap folder to alfresco

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Bootstrap folder to alfresco


I am trying to test how bootstrapping folders work. My alfresco server started up fine with the below bootstrap code for my folders.

1. I am not sure if my bootstrap was picked up, is there a way to check if my 

2. Also its not clear to me where the folder was created , how do I confirm this?

3. what is actually my company_home location? how can I find it out?


<bean id="customSpacesBootstrap" parent="spacesStoreImporter">
    <property name="useExistingStore">
    <property name="bootstrapViews">
                <prop key="path">/${spaces.company_home.childname}/${spaces.dictionary.childname}</prop>
                <prop key="location">alfresco/module/alfresco-bootstrap-platform-jar/bootstrap/config_folder_template.xml</prop>


<view:view xmlns:view=''
           xmlns:cm='' xmlns:app=''>

    <cm:folder view:childName='cm:My First Folder'>
        <app:uifacets />
        <cm:name>My First Folder</cm:name>
        <cm:title>My First Folder</cm:title>
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Re: Bootstrap folder to alfresco

You should typically not bootstrap content using a spaces bootstrap - that is reserved for creating the initial state of a store like workspace://SpacesStore when Alfresco first starts up. For extensions / customisations you should primarily rely on ImporterModuleComponent.

The folder is created where you specified it - in your case in the "Data Dictionary" folder. The "Company Home" is the root folder you see when you access the "Repository" view in Share (aka "Repository" or "Documents" in the left-hand tree). All active content that is not some system content typically is located in the tree somewhere below Company Home.