Bulk change document properties

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Bulk change document properties


I have uploaded a tonne of documents into my repository and I need to change their document name. I can do this manually as I have an csv list of their current names and the names I need changing them to. Is it possible to change this property with an SQL command?



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Re: Bulk change document properties

Hi @adyb 

You might want to read this post before attempting renaming.


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Member II

Re: Bulk change document properties

Thanks, not really that proficient at Java... I was hoping that I could directly modify the sql tables Smiley Sad


Re: Bulk change document properties

You should never update/alter anything in DB directly, it is not recommended. Use a java backed webscript that can rename the documents in batch instead. 

You can also use BatchProcessor to process the no. of items at a time based on configured value.

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