Can Alfresco help manage Microsoft Office files being abused?

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Can Alfresco help manage Microsoft Office files being abused?

Hi guys I'm new to alfresco. May I know if the below conditions needed by the company is achievable via Alfresco in any means?


Currently the copmany uses a share directory in their office for staffs to store their Microsoft Office documents. This is only accessible within their office networks via their own Active Directory Login permission. However, they are facing an issue of Staff abusing the rights by copying those files onto their computers and taking it out of office with them.


What the company needs is using a software to control all the documents from Creation, Storing, Viewing, Amending, and Deleting without having the ability to download the files. That means, they can work as usual but knowing the actual file is stored in the server with permission. If they open a file from Alfresco in their Microsoft Words for example, they are only allowed to save the document back into Alfresco and not onto their own computer.

Are the below features achievable by Alfresco? If so, can this be demonstrated via Alfresco without customization?

  1. Create view edit all the files directly from Alfresco. No files are stored on their local disks.
  2. Users cannot download the file or make a copy onto their computer. However they need to maintain editing.
  3. Users can only share with external parties user via Link (View Only). How can we restrict users to not send as attachment but only send via link.

Hope Alfresco can meet the requirements.

Thank You


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Re: Can Alfresco help manage Microsoft Office files being abused?

Hi @johnson_NSO & Welcome to Alfresco Hub!

Certainly some of these requirements can be met by Alfresco OOTB (out of the box), while some may need configuration changes and/or changes to user groups and roles.

1) Edit files directly in Alfresco - yes, that's available OOTB. You would need to disable the upload & download links - see #2

2) Restrict file download - this is achievable - if you want to restict to all folders, then you can do this by editing share-config-custom.xml. If you want to do it on a folder by folder basis, then you may need to create an aspect, as outlined in the thread I've linked to.

3) View only link - the user role with lowest permissions is the "`site Consumer". You might be able to remove copy permissions from that user role (or copy that role and then amend its permissions) and remove the copy permission from the user. Then all external users would atteached to a group and be given that user role.


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