Can't connect to Share over LAN IP

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Can't connect to Share over LAN IP

Hi all,

I'm trying to connect to my share server (7.1) from another machine on the same network but I'm having some issues.

If I use the default I get a refused connection. If I use the IP of the machine the server is running on, the connection times out.

Is there something I have to change in regards to port forwarding? I'm also looking to make this server accesable from different networks and would greatly appreciate any help in regards to that. I read something about changing the IP of the server to a public one but not quite sure how to do that.

I used the docker compose to start it.

Thank you!

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Re: Can't connect to Share over LAN IP


If you can access to the from local Alfresco server, this is the network question, not an Alfresco. is an IP address of the computer itself. In other words it is the IP address of localhost. To communicate with anothe computers in the local network it have anothe IP address.


  • check access to share on the alfresco server by or http://localhost:8080/share
  • find out the IP address of you alfresco server in the local network, ask google depands on your server operation system how to do so
  • check the network connection from anothe computer to the server by ping <your-alfresco-server-IP-address>
  • check the firewall on server and open port 8080 to the connections from local network, again ask google depands on your OS
  • try to connect to alfresco server from another computer by http://<your-alfresco-server-ip-address>:8080/share

good luck