Can't create folders in library

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Can't create folders in library

I apologize upfront, I'm a complete NOOB.  But I have a real problem that I need help on, please tell me what config files to upload for troubleshooting.

My problem:  I setup a new installation on windows running behind an IIS reverse proxy.  Everything seems to be working perfect except when I attempt to create a new folder in the doc library.  No matter the folder name I always get an error.  

I can upload files no problem

I can create a folder when I run on the server using the localhost address

I change all the file/folder permission on windows to all r/w

I change the service account for tomcat and IIS to the same local admin account

I have cleared the stdout log, attempted the create folder in hopes of isolating the error message, nothing in the log file


The only configuration change I made is the uncommenting the following in share-config-custom.xml

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="CSRFPolicy" replace="true">


I'm assuming I am missing a configuration setting somewhere, just not sure where




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Re: Can't create folders in library

What is the message error do you get in share?

Please, press f12 in your browser and look for any errors there, and also take a look at share.log and alfresco.log.