Can we steal the files?

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Can we steal the files?

Hi folks,

I've one doubt. After uploading the file will be encrypted and stored in 'bin' ext. What if someone tries to steal the documents.

Is it possible to decrypt and get the original files back.

Sounds silly but i want to know this.

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Re: Can we steal the files?


Its pretty similar to situation where you keep thing in your locked drawer and do not share the keys, if you share keys then things can be stolen.

So in Alfresco I am sure you would keep your server protected with credentials if you share them it can be steal.

For decryption again it depends on whether you share encrypted key.

for more detail on encryption in alfresco check this Encrypted Content Store overview | Alfresco Documentation



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Re: Can we steal the files?

Just a clarification, the encrypted content store is an enterprise-only feature. So, if you are using Community Edition, files do not get encrypted when they are stored in the content store directory. although they do get their name changed.

If you look in the node browser you can see where in the content store your file resides. If you have access to the content store, you can copy the file to another machine and rename it. It will be exactly as it was when it was uploaded.

If that is a concern you must use an encrypted content store along with Enterprise Edition.