Cannot create a file with webdav from windows

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Cannot create a file with webdav from windows


I installed alfresco 6.2.1 on debian server with docker.

But from windows, I cannot create a file with webdav.

It's very weird because :

- I can read existing files

- I can remove existing files

- I can edit existing files

- I cannot create a file.
I tried to create a file with 4 ways :

- Drag and drop from desktop to webdav window : I got "A folder with same name already exists"
- with command:

echo test > file.txt

I got "access denied"


- from python code


with open("file.txt", "w") as file:

I got "permission denied"


- with right-click>new>text document : I got the window freezes

From my ubuntu desktop the webdav works fine. ..
I used this file for installation :

Any idea ?