Cannot disable global versioning

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Cannot disable global versioning


in my Alfresco (5.2.0, re21f2be5-b22) I'd like to disable versioning globally, only enabling it on demand. However, the documented way of putting "" into seems not to work. New files still get the cm:versioning aspect and store a history. Furthermore, if I remove the aspect manually from a file, I'm still able to upload new versions. Could this be a bug? Has anyone else observed such behaviour?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Cannot disable global versioning

Hi Alex,

I believe this behavior is from Share UI. If you try the same via API it will not enable versioning.

By default when you upload any content via share, it enables versioning. To disable, you will need to modify

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Re: Cannot disable global versioning

Hello ashwin.mor,

thank you for your reply.
That would be quite inconsistent behaviour of Share.

I'm not sure if the API honors the setting. I tried uploading files from ezuno client, which is a desktop application that uses the API. It enabled versioning, too. However, I'm not sure if this is a "feature" of the app itself.

I also tested creating a file via webdav, which indeed did not add the versioning aspect.

I found a workaround without modifying .js files, using content rules and an additional custom aspect ("manuallyVersioned"). The rules are defined in some top folder and remove the "versionable" aspect from any content (on creation and update) if it doesn't have this custom aspect. Then I can allow versioning selectively for folders and files by adding both the "versionable" and the "manuallyVersioned" aspect.



Re: Cannot disable global versioning


I can confirm that "Upload new version" action in Share works as mentioned / expected (adding the versioning aspect ) and also that webdav does not add the versioning aspect. The API may add the versioning aspect or not... as commented in ezuno client.