Cannot stop Solr 6 on server

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Cannot stop Solr 6 on server

Hi I need to reindex my Alfresco Solr 6 files due to a timestamp corruption issue.

When I issue stop solr command it comes back with the message

"Found 1 Solr nodes running! Must either specify a port using -p or -all to stop all Solr nodes on this host."

issuing the following command also produce the same message: stop solr -p XXXX where XXXX is my port number stop solr -all


The 1st command works in our development environment so I am not sure if something is configured differently on our production environment that is causing the issue.

Any suggestions on how to stop solr?

Thnak you.



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Alfresco Employee

Re: Cannot stop Solr 6 on server

Try using SOLR native program to stop the service:

./solr/bin/solr stop
Hyland Developer Evangelist