case sensitive usernames "john_doe" not "John_Doe"

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case sensitive usernames "john_doe" not "John_Doe"

Hello Alfresco Users!

I am currently using the latest version of Alfresco Community Edition.

When I or another user invites an external user, they may sometimes use capital letters for the first letter of the firstname and surname.

Which you think is correct right?

If I was inviting John Doe to my Alfresco I would type his details into the Add External Users box like this:

First Name: John

Last Name: Doe


But for some reason, his username is generated case sensitive using the details that I have entered so he would have to log in as John_Doe not john_doe. This is a pain!

and sometimes, our users typo the first and lastname and do something like jOhn_Doe or john_Doe and then thats an even bigger pain.

How do I fix this? I have followed the case insensitive how tos on the Alfresco Docs but that doesnt seem to work

I am using PostgresQL with this

Can this be fixed permanently? Can I correct existing users?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: case sensitive usernames "john_doe" not "John_Doe"

I didn't heard about this before.

NameBasedUserNameGenerator class ( is using email account to provide user name. But lower case is applied in every case.

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Re: case sensitive usernames "john_doe" not "John_Doe"

Hi Angel,

Thanks for your response

That file shows the username would be lastname_firstname however when you get an external user invite it is definitely firstname_lastname and is case sensitive for example one of our external users has to log in with "Mary_jones"

Is that file being ignored?

How would you go about troubleshooting this?

Our internal users auth using our Active Directory and therefore the usernames are whatever is used on the AD but any Alfresco Created users seem to be case sensitive unfortunately.

Alfresco Employee

Re: case sensitive usernames "john_doe" not "John_Doe"