Change Alfresco archive storage bay

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Change Alfresco archive storage bay

Hello everyone,

We use Alfresco to archive PDF files on a WORM storage bay for legal archiving.

The current storage bay is old and needs to be changed. We want to replace it with another NAS storage in another location. The future NAS storage will be in WORM mode and we will continue to use Alfresco to archive our PDF files on it.

We also want to transfer our archived files from the current bay to the new NAS storage, so that Alfresco continues to manage them (because it's legal archiving that we need to keep).

How can we transfer our archive data from the current storage bay to the new NAS storage, while retaining the Alfresco features on the archive files transferred to the new storage (indexing, reading, creation dates of files, etc.) ?

Is there a method by Alfresco or an Alfresco feature that allows to move an entire archived volume from one storage to another storage, while keeping file properties for legal archiving?

Thank you in advance for your answers.