Change Date Format in selected columns.

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Change Date Format in selected columns.


Need to change Date Format in selected columns - not in all by default. Into myfiles or repository document view exists Created Date with time - its ok, must have.

But also exists user Date column like document date - its have date but dont have specific time. Now it looks like 00:00:00 time and not need. Need only see the Date without Time.

How to change it?  Also may be change column background colour. (CSS?)

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Re: Change Date Format in selected columns.

Found possibility to change /tomcat/webapps/share/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/messages/ 

from date-format.default=ddd d mmm yyyy HH:MM:ss

to date-format.default=ddd d mmm yyyy

but I lost real time of creation the doc in doc info.

So need different format for different columns. Or dates without time in repos/myfile docview but exist time in all other places by default.