Change email format for workflow

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Change email format for workflow


I am using alfresco community edition 6.2.Whenever any workflow task is assigned to user i am able to receive the email.

But my requirement is to change the format of the email that i am getting . I want to change body of the email of workflow task.Kindly let me  know which ftl i have to overrwrite.

Thanks ,


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Re: Change email format for workflow

Hi @Isha,

There are a few posts that should show you how to accomplish this task -


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Re: Change email format for workflow

Thanks @EddieMay .


I have changed ftl file by uploading new file in data-dictionary and also i am able to change the subject of the email by extending workflowontification util.

But Now i want to have extra dynamic parameter that needs to be showed in email. can you please tell me

I am starting my workflow using workflowservice.startworkflow().