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change language and see source code

Hello... Smiley Happy

I'm korean and a new employee started working for 2 months..

And, It's been 5 days since I searched for Alfresco and language patch of korea. TT

In korea, has less information about Alfresco..


I and my boss are going to develop a homepage and try to use alfresco. 

However, in Korea, the latest information on Alfresco is 2017... 

Anyway, I looked at the Alpresco website and installed Alpresco in CentOs7 using a docker. 


By the way I saw a comment saying that can change the language. 

So, i kept searching Google about it and i found it! 


first, use wget command like this : wget

but..  << this link is not working << this link is not working too. 

And other way is not exist..


So I couldn't translate it into Korean, and the last thing I found was crowdin.

but i think that this link is just translation project : 

It didn't explain how to apply it to Alpresco, so i just download .. and i dont know what should i do ;(

Actaully I asked Crowdin support team about it, and i got answer that "just platform, so you should contatct Alfresco"

So i posted here.


And.... i want to see the source code of installed Alfresco using eclipse..

I only imported the source code on github into eclipse(link :

i can see the path like : /var/lib/docker/overlay2/5d1dec8748265f60ac6312d6da1178eceb7491450b3f1c3f7973e0e b63af5149/diff/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/META-INF/maven/org.alfresco
It's a different path than what I've seen often like.. /usr/local/tomcat/...
cuz It's my first time using a docker. what should i do? 


1) How can I change language from English to Korean?

2) How can see the source code of installed Alfresco using eclipse?


My company is a small company ,,

So i don't have many chances to get help..TT

I'm sorry for asking so many questions...  

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Re: change language and see source code

Good morning.

Those project are compatible with Alfresco old version (not Alfresco 7). For that reason the most of them are not longer available.

What should I do if I was in your case:

- Think about which app I want to have translated? Share? Content App? Other?

- Understand and learn about how to septup my Alfresco development project with this tutorial

- Create a project for my translation. I'll try to reuse as much as possible from these jars file (at least alfresco.jar and share.jar you can reuse them. You can open them as zip file and get all the properties files to save them in your eclipse project).

In short: I'll do my own project with everything i need. I know it's not ideally but I don't know other way right now to achieve your goal.



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