Changing <root-node>alfresco://company/home</root-node> to something else does not reflect

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Changing <root-node>alfresco://company/home</root-node> to something else does not reflect

I tried to edit the below highlighted section in the file : share-config-custom.xml :

<!-- Repository Library config section -->
<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="RepositoryLibrary" replace="true">
Root nodeRef or xpath expression for top-level folder.
e.g. alfresco://user/home, /app:company_home/st:sites/cm:site1
If using an xpath expression, ensure it is properly ISO9075 encoded here.

On changing the location to some custom name for e.g instead of company word I choose to write my project name and try to build the image and starting all the containers and then fetching the path of any file in the repository it shows the same /Company Home/ and not my project name.

I am using alfresco-share:7.3.0 - community version.

Is there any way to change /Company Home



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Re: Changing <root-node>alfresco://company/home</root-node> to something else does not r

That configuration only changes the access to


The "Repository" link in the Share webapp.

Hyland Developer Evangelist
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Re: Changing <root-node>alfresco://company/home</root-node> to something else does not r

Thanks a lot for your response, any suggestions how can I achieve my task?

I basically do not want to see /Company Home in the path of any node.


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Re: Changing <root-node>alfresco://company/home</root-node> to something else does not r

Is it possible to change in alfresco community edition or not possible to change?

I basically do not want to see the name /Company Home whenever I fetch any node path in my Alfresco.

/Company Home to be replaced with some custom name.


Re: Changing <root-node>alfresco://company/home</root-node> to something else does not r

You cannot change "alfresco://company/home" to something different because it is a very special "virtual" NodeRef that resolves to the /app:company_home XPath lookup, and is used so extensively throughout Alfresco (and has a lot relying on it), that you'd have to go very deep to eliminate that technical identifier.

You cannot change the /app:company_home primary path for that root folder for the very same reason.

But you CAN change the cm:name property of the node that is the Company Home folder. You MUST make sure you change it via an API that DOES NOT change the child association name, as that would result in /app:company_home being changed, which would result in breaking your system. Normally this can be done via the Java or JavaScript APIs (latter via JavaScript Console; this is NOT the JavaScript API used to interact with Alfresco ReST APIs in Angular apps etc.). Note that the ReST API CANNOT be used for this, as it will perform a full rename changing the child association name when modifying the cm:name property.
Such a change will result in the human-readable (display) paths changing from starting with "/Company Home" to "/Your Root Name Here". Having a different cm:name for that node is supported because that is already the case out-of-the-box when you install + first start Alfresco with a different locale, e.g. German.