Changing nginx to port 80

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Changing nginx to port 80

What do I need to change to have nginx listen on port 80?

I've tried just changing the docker-compose.yml config to specify ports 80:8080, but I get back URLs with 8080 in them.

I tried specifying ports 80:80 and changing nginx.conf to listen on port 80, but then I can't connect as if a host firewall is blocking it. From the nginx container, wget http://localhost/alfresco works but I still see 8080 in the url.

edit: Ah, I see the container is still using port 8080, so I didn't restart it correctly. I'm still learning my docker badge.

/usr/bin/docker-proxy -proto tcp -host-ip -host-port 80 -container-ip -container-port 8080

edit 2: Ok, I rebuilt the container and it comes up ok now. Most things are working so I'm going to hand it off to my developer to test his code. A few cross links, like from the alfresco home page to share, use rather than the ip address but we don't need that for the app.

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Re: Changing nginx to port 80

Hi @LinuxArchitect,

So, can we deduce that you've got it working Smiley Happy?  


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