Changing password in alfresco with ldap

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Changing password in alfresco with ldap

I have successfully added ldap-ad to Alfresco. Now when i am creating a user in AD, it is synchronized with Alfresco and i got an Alfresco user in ECM. The question is, if a user Bob (that has been sync from AD) changes his password, in which authentication system will it change, Alfresco or AD?

If the password will be changed in AD, then i have no other querstion, but as far as i know, there is only one direction sync, from AD to Alfresco, so Alfresco cant access the AD passwords and change them. Does this mean, that Alfresco will create a password for Bob and store it in her authentication system and now Bob can loggin with alfresco and AD passwords? And most important question: How to avoid that? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Changing password in alfresco with ldap

This is the original post for the double-posted thread in which I provided an answer. Please do not double post within hours or the next day after a post - if you have not received answers, it may simply be because community members don't necessarily check the platform every day for unanswered questions. Since this platform is not an official support system, answers mostly come from community members who participate here on their own time, which may fluctuate from day to day.