Changing the location of contentstore dir

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Changing the location of contentstore dir

Hello, I recently installed the 5.2 community edition and I would like to change the content store to be point to another drive on the server (this is an install at home). I have searched the documentation as well as the forums and found several articals on the topic, such as:

How to change location of contentstore dir? 

Everything I read tells me to change the "" to reflect where I want the contentstore to be located. I have searched the alfresco install directory and found the file, however there is no entry for the "dir.contentstore" and "dir.contentstore.deleted" in the file, nor was there a reference to those entries in the sample file. Am I missing something? Was there a change to version 5.2?

Thanks for your help. 

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Re: Changing the location of contentstore dir

There is a config option to move your alf_data folder. But it‘s possible to use a mountpoint or link for your contentstores, just using your Servers os.


Re: Changing the location of contentstore dir

The dir.contentstore property is set by default via the file in the alfresco-repository JAR. The file can be used to override that default value but it will not contain that property unless you add it yourself (in fact, file can technically be completely empty causing Alfresco to use all the default settings). So if you are missing any property in that is not a problem at all - just add it with your specific value and it should override what is provided by default. If you want to know the default values (and available properties) you can always look in the source. Besides the there are a couple of extra files which provide default options.


Re: Changing the location of contentstore dir


Additionally you may check and look for the most of the properties of file, in System Information page (with OOTB Support Tools addon).