Changing workflow ownership

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Changing workflow ownership


Is it possible in custom workflow to change owner and how one can do that? It might also work if the ownership is assigned to the group instead of individual person. We want to cover scenario when the workflow creator have to leave for vacation or sick leave, and somebody else from the same group of people have to replace him.

If anyone know so please reply. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Changing workflow ownership

Technically it is possible to change the workflow ownership / initiator to cover such a scenario. Unfortunately, this is not exposed via the Alfresco workflow APIs. You would need to use the low-level Activiti Java APIs to lookup the process instance and change its identity link(s) (an IdentityLink is an association between a process/task and a user/group with a specific link type, i.e. "starter", "owner"...). The RuntimeService provides the APIs to add/delete identity links.