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CIFS lock

Is there anyway to edit the persistence of the file lock on CIFS such that the lock is released immediately the file is closed? On my alfresco instance, I find that files opened via CIFS have to be unlocked via the share UI for them to be editable by other users. Via webdav, the lock is released immediately the file is closed. In my environment we need both CIFS and webdav.

I tried setting "filesystem.lockKeeperTimeout" parameter to a like 3 minutes in but it doesn't seem to have any effect. 

I'm running alfresco community edition 5.2 on linux.

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Re: CIFS lock

Please be aware that the implementation of CIFS in Alfresco is an extremely old version of the SMB protocol, and in fact Microsoft will remove support for it from current versions of Windows this fall/year, after which this feature is expected to no longer work at all (unless you skip Windows updates). There have always been various issues with it, which is why most people in the community and from Alfresco would recommend WebDAV for mapping drives, unless you have those very specific requirements that can only be dealt with using CIFS.

Having said that, all "normal" locks set via CIFS should naturally expire as per the lock keeper timeout. As soon as the timeout has passed, any logic will see the lock as no longer existing - it does not even have to be removed / released, as it will just be silently ignored based on the timestamp. Only if you have either a running client application that continuously refreshes / resets a lock or used the checkout / checkin action exposed via CIFS should locks persist for longer.