cm:description instead of cmis:description

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cm:description instead of cmis:description

Alfresco 7.0 CMIS request return cm:desctiption value as of cmis:description. Database created in 4.2 and migrated to 7.0. Node have got differant values of both parameters - cm:desctiption and cmis:description.

In other words, cmis request to Alfresco 4.2 return propper cmis:description value from cmis:description parameter and cm:description value from cm:description parameter. Alfresco 7.0 ignore cmis:description and return both value from cm:description parameter. Look at scrrenshots.

This is the same node in:

CMIS to Alfresco 4.2


CMIS to Alfresco 7.0


Node browser in Alfresco 7.0. It confirm differant values.


Thanks for any reaction.

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Re: cm:description instead of cmis:description

I have the same question.