CMIS permission problem with multifiled document

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CMIS permission problem with multifiled document


I tried to raise this issue through  but i am getting message that my account doesn't have access to Jira on That left me here but please do redirect me in the right way if i did something wrong with JIRA signup.

Namely, i have been working around with multifiling through CMIS and weird permission issue keeps popping up.

Exact steps to reproduce problem would be these:

  • User1 creates Document1 in personal home folder which is only accessible to him/her (/User Homes/User1)
  • User1 shares Document1 with User2 (give ACE permission "all" to User2) and also through admin account perform action "Add Object to Folder" which multifiles Document1 inside User2's home folder/User Homes/User2) as well
  • Document1 appears visible in User2's home folder and all is well. Allowable actions for User2 contains entries like "CAN_DELETE_OBJECT"  and "CAN_UPDATE_PROPERTIES". However, when attempting to update properties through CMIS with User2, i get "Permission denied: 10130296 Access Denied. You do not have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation."

I have to note that all of these actions work fine through Alfresco Share, modifying properties, moving the document and others. However, through CMIS all of them raise previously mentioned exception.

Any input would be helpful, and sorry if i posted this in the wrong section. Thanks!

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Alfresco Employee

Re: CMIS permission problem with multifiled document

Just if you missed that, Alfresco is changing the way of raising issues in the product. JIRA is not anymore the recommended channel, learn more about that in

Hyland Developer Evangelist
Member II

Re: CMIS permission problem with multifiled document

Would  be the right repo to report this issue then?

I know it might seems like a silly question, but i see no open issues currently reported there (or closed) so it's a lil' bit daunting to (mistakenly) open the first Smiley Happy .