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CMIS Workbench

Hi all, is there a possible way to import/export the files from cmis workbench by using the groovy console? and transfer it to the local host? is this possible? Thanks

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Alfresco Employee

Re: CMIS Workbench

Yes :-)

If you run CMIS Workbench and access the Console, you will see "Demo" (example) scripts to:

  • Upload a local folder to the repository
  • Download a repository folder to the local disk



Active Member II

Re: CMIS Workbench

Hi ‌ Great. Thanks for that sir Smiley Happy


Re: CMIS Workbench


Another (simple) ways for import/export info (but not CMIS based) are:

 - Using ACP files

 - Using Filesystem Bulk export tool in the origin, and the bulk import tool in the target.