Community Edition Upgrade Questions

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Community Edition Upgrade Questions

I have currently in production, Alfresco Community Edition 4.2.c on Ubuntu 12.04 with a Postgresql Database. Total size of the repository is about 160GB. It gets LDAP updates from our Active Directory for user authentication purposes, and there is also a local account option for users who do not have Active Directory accounts.

Obviously, I need to upgrade this because Ubuntu 12.04 is end of life.

I have a new server with nearly identical specs built running Ubuntu 16.04. My plan is to install a newer copy of Alfresco Community edition (not sure which one yet), restore the database and the content store from the other server, and then roll the new machine into production. But I have questions:

1. Do the latest v5x series community edition still support LDAP? In playing around with it, I can't find it. Maybe it has moved? or the procedure for setting it up is very different?

2. If the 5.x doesn't support LDAP any longer, what is the suggestion? 4.2.f? or something else?

3. Is there anything else missing from my upgrade plan? Have I missed something obvious here?

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

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Re: Community Edition Upgrade Questions


1. Yes, Alfresco 5 CE supports LDAP-AD.The subsystem configuration is the same.

2. It does not apply.

3. Maybe, you have to check about the new Postgresql database server requirements in Alfresco installer or default Postgresql in Ubuntu 16.04 (if you plan to upgrade the database too.). Another important thing that is that you probably want to use SOLR 4 or SOLR 6 in recent versions of Alfresco 5, so a reindex time will be necessary. Finally to have to take into account all the things deprecated in version 5 (old APIs, Alfresco Explorer interface, jBPM...)

Some links:

-  Requisites and testing plan:

Upgrade prerequisites checklist | Alfresco Documentation 

Upgrading Alfresco on a single instance | Alfresco Documentation 

- Some instructions:

Upgrading Alfresco | Alfresco Documentation 

 - Consider an upgrade path like this:

Our road from Alfresco CE 4.2.c to Alfresco CE 5.0.c - keensoft 



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Re: Community Edition Upgrade Questions

Thank you very much Cesar. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond with such helpful information.

After reviewing this, I feel much more confident that I can proceed and I feel like I now have a good plan to move forward. I will let you know how it goes....