Company Home or User Home

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Company Home or User Home

Just for confused with 'Company Home'  and 'User Home' folder naming .   Some of the document i follow its mentioned that 'Company Home'  my defaul alfresco deployment i can't see such folder  , instead i can see 'User Home'

I have deployed latest version of Alfrewsco  - 'Alfresco Content Services 5.2.4'

thanks  a lot

Brijesh N K

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Re: Company Home or User Home

"Company Home" is displayed as "Repository" in the default Share user interface. "Company Home" is the technical name, but the label used in the UI is unfortunately different. Every system always has Company Home AND User Home

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Re: Company Home or User Home

Parent of Company home is "sys:store_root" and Siblings are 

  • app:company_home
  • sys:system
  • cm:categoryRoot
  • cm:multilingualRoot

You can verify by following below steps

Hope you got some understanding about 'Company Home"


Re: Company Home or User Home

Please NEVER recommend using Lucene as a query language. It is a legacy language no longer receiving full support / enhancements, and should only be used for low-level technical (unit) tests. The primarily supported languages are fts-alfresco and cmis (or their variants if you want to force DB / SOLR use).

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Re: Company Home or User Home




Is there any way to change this Company Home name.

I posted below question in forum, it has all details :

Thanks in advance!


Already got answer,