Concurrent user login -session logout

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Concurrent user login -session logout

In Alfresco It is possible for users to log into the application concurrently, using one account, from different systems.
In this case one system logout the user. If we go to the admin console and if we check the sessions, it gets gone. 
But another system same user session exists. How to prevent the same user login in different systems in the alfresco or how to inform the user that another system trying to login using the same user?


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Re: Concurrent user login -session logout

The reason that logouts affect access from different systems is that internally Alfresco re-uses authentication tickets for the same user. This can be disabled by setting the appropriate configuration (authentication.ticket.useSingleTicketPerUser) to false, but do note that this functionality was added to solve various issues especially with concurrent access via different applications/clients, and might break other functionality if disabled.