Configuration of Advanced Search in share

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Configuration of Advanced Search in share


I would like to configure Advanced Search in share app (in share-config-custom.xml). I have some problems I can't solve. In our alfresco we have several custom types and aspects defined in amp files and also over Model Manager in share.

  • Types and aspects defined in amps contains "." in property id (for example sapSmiley When I add this property to Advance Search, everythink looks good but search doesn't get any results. I find out in web browser address line that property is encoded like this: prop_sap_SAPDoc%23dot%23id. After replace %23dot%23 with "." ( in web browser address line documents are finded successfuly. Is it possible to config share to not replace "." in property ids?
  • Advance Search based on type properties defined in Model Manager works without any problems. But searching based on aspect property (defined in Model Manager) doesn't work for me. In this case Advance Search form even shows property id (web:webDocumentLanguageLangCode) instead of the defined property label ( "Language Code").
    Configuration in share-config-custom.xml (... /tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/web-extension) contains:
        <config evaluator='string-compare' condition='AdvancedSearch'>
        			<form id="webDocLangSearch" descriptionId="Search for webdocuments based on language aspect" labelId="WebDocument Lang aspect">web:webDocument</form>
        <form id="webDocLangSearch">
                	<show id="web:webDocumentLanguageLangCode" forse="true"/>
        		<field id="web:webDocumentLanguageLangCode">
        			<control template="/org/alfresco/components/form/controls/textfield.ftl" />
    Is it possible to make advance search based on apect property defined over Model Manager in share? Is there necessary to use a different approach?
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