Connecting to PostGres Database

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Connecting to PostGres Database

In the documentation at Alfresco Docs - Configure databases right in step 1 it is super confusing. I have installed the Ansible deployment of Alfresco Community, but I need to know where to actually put the PostGres JDBC, the documentation is unclear. It says:

  1. Copy the JAR file into the /lib directory.

    For example, for Tomcat, copy the JAR file into the <TOMCAT_HOME>/lib directory.

But the ansible version uses Nginx, not Tomcat. There are 100s of /lib folders and Nginx doesn't have a home folder like Tomcat does. Where do you actually put the JAR? 

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Re: Connecting to PostGres Database

Nginx is only used as a proxy on top of the Alfresco Tomcat instance.

So you have to put the JDBC driver JAR in the Tomcat lib folder.