Construct a sequence of automated actions in ACS community edition

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Construct a sequence of automated actions in ACS community edition

Hello community,

I would like your help with a setup of actions that I wish to construct, but after reading the documentation and other articles/posts/etc I am really confused about how/if it can be done.

I am using Alfresco Content Services Community Edition: version 7.4.0-M3, that I deployed using the official "community-docker-compose.yml" file from here

I have created several Groups, Users, a Site and different Folders per User in this Site.
Now I wish to construct a sequence of automated actions. I will provide an example below:

Every time "User A" uploads a file in "folder A", this file should be forwarded and assigned for review to "User B".
"User B" will review the file and if everything is okay, he will forward the file to "User C".
But if "User B" finds some issues in the file, he must sent it back to "User A" with some comments.
"User A" will fix the file based on these comments, re-upload it, and the sequence of tasks should automatically begin again from scratch until the file finally reaches "User C".

After the file reaches "User C", other sequences of automated actions should take place, that will more-or-less follow the same logic as the previous one.
These sequences should automatically start for each new file that is being uploaded.

After a few tries, I realized that this cannot be achieved with the Workflows that ACS comes installed with by-default. I understand that a new workflow definition needs to be constructed.
Please correct me if I am wrong or if I am missing something so far.

- Can you please name a few ways in order to achieve this?
- I read that I can design these actions using the enterprise product "Alfresco Digital Workspace". Is this correct?
- Shoud I design my workflows using Eclipse+Activiti and then upload them to my ACS instance? Is this possible?

Ideally, what I need is a way to make these automated sequences of action work using Community Edition not Enterprise, if possible.

Thank you very much in advance,



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Re: Construct a sequence of automated actions in ACS community edition

You can't implement custom workflows in ACS starting from version 7.3 because Alfresco started to remove components related to the Activiti engine from the repository service.

I suggest you to implement your custom workflows using Alfresco Process Services (APS) or Activiti 6 Comunity because you can use the same editor. Consider that APS is also including a native integration with ACS.

For configuring and implementing your extensions you can use for both the platforms a specific SDK based on the Maven lifecycle that we support here at Zia Consulting for any Enterprise need.


Activiti 6 SDK:

Hope this helps



Re: Construct a sequence of automated actions in ACS community edition


Could you mention/provide document where it is mentioned that alfresco removing Activiti engine component from ACS 7.3?

Is it from Community version or Enterprise version?