contenstore too large

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contenstore too large

Hey folks,

avid -private- Alfresco user for several years now. It works great and it fits all our needs. From time to time I am downloading a zip containing all items in there. As this is for a private household this is actually a practicable solution. The reuslting .zip file is roughly 1gb in size, containing 2k of files.

Now the vm running alfresco is 43gb out of 50gb used and contentstore directory eats up 33.8 gb of that. This  is no way matched the actualy representation of the files that I am backing up. Not by longshot.

No, I am not editing or deleting anything. There might be; but 20 updates are an over-estimation.  Deletion  would be in the same ballpark. We only scan new papers and upload them to forget them forever.

So this is wild. The vm runs 24/7 so the cron jobs (I read this somewhere) at night should run.

Anyone got an idea whats going on in there?


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Member II

Re: contenstore too large