Content Services Trial - RM ARM version?

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Member II

Content Services Trial - RM ARM version?

I have just downloaded the 30-day Content Services trial software, and want to add Info Governance. I have read the RM Installation Documentation page, which indicates one is deploying v2.7.x ARM files, but all I am able to download is v2.6.0.

Are RM v2.7 AMPs required for the trial Content Services version?

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Alfresco Employee

Re: Content Services Trial - RM ARM version?

I assume you used the Download Alfresco Content Services | Alfresco 

You're right, the email for the ACS 5.2.3 trial provides an (optional) download link to RM 2.6.0 amps (Alfresco Module Packages).

It looks as if the trial has not yet been updated to RM 2.7. Thanks for the feedback - I have notified the web team.



cc: David Webster