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Content Translations

The Alfresco language packs allow users with browsers set to a different language to see translated labels in their own language.

Is it possible to do the same with content? We have English wiki pages that are displayed in dashlets and we would like to provide chinese versions of these same wiki pages so that the chinese version is displayed in a chinese language browser.

We use Alfresco 5.1.3.

Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome!

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Re: Content Translations

Technically yes, something like this would be possible with Alfresco. There has been a service called MultilingualContentService in Alfresco since at least version 3.0 (likely before then, but I did not work with Alfresco at the time). The old Explorer web client used that to allow managing the relations of content to its translations. Unfortunately though, this service is not part of the "Public API", which is the set of sanctioned / supported API. None of the features of Alfresco Share, including the wiki, are completely oblivious to this service and would not be able to work with any translations a primary content might be linked to.

So in practice, this is not possible for wikis without some major customisations or even refactoring of core Share services. The service cannot be guaranteed to be available in future Alfresco versions as Alfresco reserves the right to remove a non Public API at any point. You could use it to develop your own ReST / functional APIs at your own risk with regards to future upgrades to newer versions of Alfresco.