Contentmodel issue

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Contentmodel issue

Having alfresco enterprise 6.2 with documents and planning for 7.2 upgrade.having a custom model with namespace prefix as "dc". While alfresco 7.2 bootstraps,getting an error - context initialisation failed org.alfresco.service.namespace.NamespaceException:Namespace prefix "dc" is already in use for URI so cànnot be registerd for uri.

Let me know any solution for this isse

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Re: Contentmodel issue

Yes I think "dc" prefix is used by alfresco

Alfresco has a list of content model namespaces and prefix which should not be used attached link of alfresco docs (Refer topic : Out-of-the-box content models) , Also there are lot more other mentioned prefix and which might cause issue

Alfresco Docs - Content Model Extension Point