Control to select users within group

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Control to select users within group

Hi everyone!

We have a requirement to add some users as "asignees" in a workflow, but only users within a group... for this, I found several solutions, almost all of them based on customization of "Authority.ftl".

But in our particular case, we have some levels of group hierachy, like:


--- Office 1 Staff

-------- Users Group

-------------- User 1, User 2

-------- Chief Group

-------------- Chief 1, Chief 2 

--- Office 2 Staff

-------- Users Group

-------- Chief Group


My Question is: Is there any component that allows nagivate though that hierachy until reach the users level and the choose from the users.

Something similar to the group management in admin-console.


I've been searching for a few days now but I could not find any solution.


Thanks a lot for any ideas

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Re: Control to select users within group

I also have this kind of situation, did you find the solution ?