Convert documents to PDF-A format

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Convert documents to PDF-A format

Hello guys,

I am trying to convert doc to pdf/a using jodconverter and libreoffice. Default configuration allows to generate only 1.4 or 1.5 format. The only official option I have found is to use a proprietary "Document transformation engine". I don't like it because you need a windows server and ms office.

LibreOffice supports generation PDF/A via "SelectPdfVersion" property in a user configuration file (registrymodifications.xcu).

The configuration "registrymodifications.xcu" is created dynamically when a transformation is called by jodconverter (hope so). I need to add the "SelectPdfVersion" line to it somehow.

Libreoffice runs as a service in my environment (docker). 

/opt/libreoffice6.1/program/soffice.bin -accept=socket,host=,port=8100;urp; -env:UserInstallation=file:///tmp/.jodconverter_socket_host- -headless -nocrashreport -nodefault -nofirststartwizard -nolockcheck -nologo -norestore

I tried to rewrite the jodconverter library in (repository docker)


to put this config dynamically to (libreoffice docker) 


but it doesn't seem to have any effect. 

Also tried patch and OOoDirect approach from link below, but I cannot find the relevant configuration files (openoffice-document-formats.xml) and patch did not work.

Is there any way to set alfresco to generate PDF-A?

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Re: Convert documents to PDF-A format


I see no one has answered you, and the same is true of me. In the end, you could fix it, if it were, you could tell me how you did it.

Greetings and Thanks in advance