Create Audit/Report of User Login and Logout time

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Create Audit/Report of User Login and Logout time


I want to create report for user login and logout activity with datetime  so I can track users time.

Will existing audit application provide these data?

If not then How can I create custom audit application for only these activity?

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Re: Create Audit/Report of User Login and Logout time

No, existing/default audit applications will not provide this data. The alfresco-access audit application can provide login times, BUT only if the login occurs using username + password authentication, not via single sign-on (SSO). Furthermore, there is generally no active logout that an audit application can record. The Share logout does invalidate the ticket, but that operation is not captured by alfresco-access. Any of the passive logouts, i.e. the authentication simply expired, cannot be captured at all via auditing.

For a customer who needed to know which users are active to revoke Enterprise licenses from those who have been active for X months or longer, I created a custom extension and audit application years ago which provided an "active user" audit report as best as was possible, including a patch to be able to record SSO-based logins.