Create Only Users in Alfresco?

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Create Only Users in Alfresco?



How can i create custom roles in alfresco which creates only USERS?

(In alfresco, only admin has rights to create users but for other roles do not have a rights to create users).


Vinutha M P

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Re: Create Only Users in Alfresco?

There is currently no special role in Alfresco that you can assign to users to allow them to create other users without having full admin privileges... Technically speaking there is also no special permission for this so even if you were to create a custom role there is no way to differentiate this from other admin actions.


Re: Create Only Users in Alfresco?

Might as well just set up an LDAP directory, configure Alfresco to authenticate against that, and then use an out-of-the-box client to manage users/groups in your LDAP directory or write your own webapp to do the same. That way you have full control over user/group management, and a directory that can be leveraged not just for Alfresco, but for other apps in your environment.