creating content model

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creating content model

I need to know what are data types are allowed to create properties in content model, I have added like this below type as property type is list, it does not accepted and thrown error. If i give type as text, its working fine. Please anyone can tell me, what are accepted data types to use in content model xml file.


<property name="my:dateOfApplication">


thank you.

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Re: creating content model


There is no datatype like d:list. If you want to use predefined list of values as your property value, then you can use in the following manner 

<property name="scwf:reviseOutcome">
           <constraint type="LIST">    
          <parameter name="allowedValues">  

If you have any further query then please let me know.




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Re: creating content model


This page in the documentation contains all the details on the values to use in the content model:

Creating a new property for custom types and aspects | Alfresco Documentation 

Hope it helps!

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