CRUD type events on ActiveMQ

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CRUD type events on ActiveMQ


I'd like message notifiation of node events which I thought would be straightforward by listening to the ActiveMQ queue.  But I can't find any information or documentation on this, does anyone have any experience or examples?



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Re: CRUD type events on ActiveMQ

As far as I know alfresco community editon dose not support ActiveMQ to message queue yet.


Re: CRUD type events on ActiveMQ

Alfresco Community actually does support ActiveMQ for event processing, but as the original poster has noted, it is completely undocumented (even for Enterprise as far as I know), so barely any people are using it. Alfresco itself (in Community Edition as well as Enterprise) is the primary user of that functionality. E.g. the handling of thumbnail / rendition refresh after a content update is entirely based on the events queue since Alfresco 6.1, which is the reason that ActiveMQ is a technically required component in a Community deployment.

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Re: CRUD type events on ActiveMQ

That sounds fairly promising though, thanks for the info.  I've identified that Alfresco is using 5 different Alfresco topics:

  • ActiveMQ.Advisory.Consumer.Queue.acs-repo-transform-request
  • ActiveMQ.Advisory.Consumer.Queue.acs-repo-rendition-events
  • ActiveMQ.Advisory.MasterBroker
  • ActiveMQ.Advisory.Connection
  • ActiveMQ.Advisory.Queue

So I'll set a consumer on each of those and view the messages that arrive as I upload files to a folder.  Do any examples or blogs spring to mind that might help?