Custom Advanced Search - Do not find System user files

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Custom Advanced Search - Do not find System user files

I created my own subpage (subsearch?) for advanced search. It is used to search for aspects and properties named "ExampleJob". For example, I have the property "taskId". Therefore, I created a file as an administrator giving it taskId=3, edited the readme_ja.html file (Data Dictionary/Webscripts) and added the same aspect and taskid to it. In my advanced search unfortunately, I only find the file I created (I don't see readme_ja). Searching via search API and typing the following query I get results:

"query": "examplejob:taskId:'3'" -> found the file created by admin
"query": "cm:creator:'System' AND name:'readme_ja.html' AND examplejob:taskId:3" -> found nothing
"query": "cm:creator:'System' AND name:'readme_ja.html'" -> found this file correctly (readme_ja)

I see in it that in properties it has "examplejob:taskId": "3"

Do you have any ideas how to make advanced search find the file created by system user?

I got problem on alfresco 6.2 and 23.2