Custom Behavior for onCreateNode Policy

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Custom Behavior for onCreateNode Policy

I am trying to create custom behavior for onCreateNode to validate a file signature .While I am creating the site  I  am facing issues i.e., its trying to validate the signature.So How to differentiate whether the created is site or a file ?

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Re: Custom Behavior for onCreateNode Policy

You should bind the behavior to your specific type (content type which will have signature) instead of general cm:content type.

Define a custom type for the documents you intend to use for signature validation if not created already to keep the behavior targetted for that specific type of documents. 

Additonally add checks to exclude any content that is not within site document libraray if you intend to keep all the documents in site doc lib only.

Have a look at this tutorial :

(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)