Custom document library view showing wrong date

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Custom document library view showing wrong date


I have a custom content model where I added an aspect. This aspect has the next property:

<property name="abc:myDateFrom">
     <title>My Date From</title>
<type>d:date</type> <mandatory>true</mandatory> ... </property>

 The property type is d:date. But Alfresco stores the time part as well. From the Node Browser I can see this value being saved: 2020-05-27 0:00:00 UTC

I created a custom library view folllowing this tutorial And I added a column to show the value of abc:myDateFrom but Alfresco is converting this value to the user's timezone. In my case UTC-6. Given the result of 2020-05-26 18:00:00 UTC. And therefore the date being displayed in the layout/custom view is 2020-05-26, which is wrong.

How can I tell Alfresco not to convert this value and just use the Date part of it?