Custom Forms for Workflows

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Custom Forms for Workflows

Hi I'm new of Alfresco. I downloaded the Alfresco Communitu 6.0 edition and hawe buld a custom complex workflow. I have to customize some task forms and can't find files like share-custom-config-xml or other stuff to bind custom forms to the tasks. It's customizing forms for Alfresco Community still available and exists a updated guide?

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Re: Custom Forms for Workflows

Hi @MassimoV & welcome to Alfresco!

The normal location for this file is:


The location of various Share files is outlined here =>


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Re: Custom Forms for Workflows

Don't change the out-of-the-box files in Alfresco. Instead, package your workflows, your custom content model, and your form configuration in a repo AMP and a Share AMP, then deploy those to your installation.

I have written a set of tutorials that explains how to do all of this, including Share form configs. I hope they help you.