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Custom RM Actions

Anyone have any idea how to extend RM to add in a custom action?  I've created several custom actions for standard collaboration sites and I'm sure I used Jeff Potts' guide (Creating Custom Actions in Alfresco | ECMArchitect | Alfresco Developer Tutorials) to learn how do make the first one but I don't know how to extend the actions for RM sites.

The closest I've found is this file that seems to define the available actions for the various record states and permission levels but I don't know how to extend it:



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Re: Custom RM Actions

I believe I've found the answer to my own problem.  The DocLibActions evaluator was correct but I needed the right actionGroup to add the action to which was rm-records-details in my case.  Here's a contrived example that adds an action to the list for a record:

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="DocLibActions">
        <action icon="folder-edit-metadata"
            <param name="href">/alfresco/s/reports/parent-nodes</param>
            <param name="target">_blank</param>
        <actionGroup id="rm-record-details">
            <action index="508" id="gry-parent-folders" />

I found the list of action groups in the share config for RM:

records-management/rm-share-config.xml at master · Alfresco/records-management · GitHub